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I will help you win your case.

Hello everyone, Let me tell you more about my professional experience in the field of Law. I have Master of Laws (LLM) degree and I been working as a lawyer for the last 4 years mostly in the fields of Contract law, Commercial law, IP law, European Union law and Immigration law. My clients are natural persons and legal entities from all over the world – Bulgaria, European Union, Iran, USA etc. On a daily base I provide my clients with wide range of LEGAL SERVICES like: * drafting and reviewing all types of legal documents such as contracts, agreements, letters, powers of attorney; * drafting and reviewing Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Terms of Service for my clients’ websites, as well as Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs); * establishing new companies (LLC, JSC, sole trader, etc.), subsidiaries and branches; * company liquidation and getting different licenses; * trademark and design registrations in BPO, EUIPO and WIPO; * GDPR consultation and drafting T&Cs in accordance with GDPR requirements * assisting my foreign clients in the process of getting Bulgarian VISA, Bulgarian RESIDENCE PERMIT and Bulgarian WORK PERMIT … as well as legal advices in written and verbal. I also have solid background in the field of LEGAL TRANSLATIONS from Bulgarian into English and from English into Bulgarian language – NDAs, Disclaimers, Constituent Acts, Declarations, Contracts, etc.

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In additional, I write LEGAL ARTICLES regarding Bulgarian and EU legislation. My articles are intended to everyone who needs to establish a new company, to settle in Bulgaria, need legal information about long-term residence permits etc. I am aimed to go beyond the expectations of my Upwork clients. Love to work ethical and to complete all my assignments in a timely manner. I am available on e-mail for approximately 10 hours a day and never happened to have a communication gap with my valued clients. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!


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