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With the increasing challenges presented by Covid-19, we’ve brought together some useful resources to help you deal with the impacts and implications. We have advice for members in practice and in business, students, and a section on wellbeing.

ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the world’s leading professional accountancy body and students can study our qualification, the equivalent of a Master’s degree, right up to chartered certified accountant status.

We develop accountancy qualifications and offer our students the opportunity to become a chartered certified professional in accounting. We also conduct and publish global research, set standards for the industry, and support our student and members with continual professional development and work to make our profession open to everyone.

Our qualification and study options give you the tools to become a successful in-demand finance professional as well as the exciting chance to work in any industry anywhere in the world. With various options available to suit your learning style, including the chance to study towards a BSc or Masters, ACCA has plenty of opportunities to help you get your career started and continue developing yourself.

Even better, we’re globally recognised in 180 countries so you can enjoy the benefits of our connections and you could work abroad or work for a multinational company at home.

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